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Dodge Ram Truck Cummins Diesel for Sale

Sale: $495.00
Sale: $1295.00
Sale: $495.00

No matter how powerful your Cummins engine-powered Dodge RAM truck may be, you need a fully-functional, optimized PCM (powertrain control module) to maximize the efficiency and value you get out of it. The PCM - also referred to as an engine control module (ECM) - in your Dodge Cummins diesel truck controls everything from fuel injection to power delivery.

To function effectively, your PCM needs to be programmed to fit your engine like a glove. Close enough just isn't good enough when it's time to repair or replace your computer. Your truck is built to work hard and play hard - and without a fully-functioning, optimized engine computer, you can't take full advantage of what it can do.

PCM, TCM, and ECMs for Dodge Rams

At Car Computer Exchange, we offer over 30 types of diesel PCMs for Dodge RAM trucks. Whether you've got a 1998 Dodge RAM or a 2008 Dodge RAM, we've got the PCM that will run and optimize your Cummins engine so it runs like clockwork.

We test, program, and flash the latest OEM software and updates from Dodge on every engine computer that ships from our warehouse. Prior to shipping, we customize it with your truck's VIN to ensure that the PCM is a proper fit.

And the best part is with our qualitative Plug-and-Play component you can easily install the component yourself and save yourself the time and money of taking your truck into the shop.

In addition to that, here is what we offer when you buy from us:

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY w/ Core Exchange.

  • Fully rebuilt, programmed, and tested for quality

  • Fully programmed to your exact VIN. You'll provide your VIN # after purchase.

  • All of the latest software updates from Dodge will be installed.

  • We VIN Match Part# to Guarantee correct unit. (No Part# Required).

  • 100% Plug-and-Play. No need to visit the dealer!

Ultimately, the iconic Dodge RAM is a rugged truck in a class all its own. Since Chrysler launched the RAM pickup truck in 1981, it's become a symbol of a workhorse truck with the power and practicality to take on any job site or terrain.

For almost the same amount of time, Cummins engines and RAM trucks have gone hand in hand. Prior to 1989, Cummins was a known leader in commercial vehicles and teaming up with Dodge represented the company's first move into the medium-duty pickup arena.

The rest is history.

RAM trucks were and are specifically designed to accommodate the size and power of the Cummins turbo diesel engine, and the first Cummins-powered RAM hit the streets in 1989. With 400 pounds-feet of torque, it powered past all the competition. This was the start of a powerful relationship which has grown through the years.

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